Hello Bluebird Thank you (Ink Blending)

Hello Everyone! Just wanted a share a bit about this card since Ive gotten a few DMs on instagram.

The ink blending was done on the Bristol smooth cardstock. This is the key to me for really good blends even between colors that do not blend well. Secondly you dont want to use a new foam. If you have a new foam piece I recommend seasoning it. I keep a foam for each of my distress oxides. When I get a new color I grab a foam and make a swatch piece, this is how I break mine in and then its ready to go when I need it. Lastly using water or ink splaters will mask any not to good blending. Plus splatter is fun! Hope this helps! Maybe I'll do a video on my foam storage/process when I pick up the new Oxide colors that just released.

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